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Men and women finish 5th in FWCD Invitational

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Both the men's and women's track teams finished 5th overall at the Fort Worth Country Day Invitational on Saturday, March 4.

Individual Notables:

MEN Antonio Hall - 400m (2nd Place) Joe Jackman - 400m (3rd Place)

Joe Jackman - 800m (1st Place)

Antonio Hall - Long Jump (1st Place)

Antonio Hall - Triple Jump (1st Place)


Samantha Davis - 100m (3rd Place)

Samantha Davis - 200m (4th Place)

Hampton Hohenberger - 400m (3rd Place) Keira Madl - 400m (4th Place)

Keria Madl - 800m (3rd Place)

Ava Talabock - 1600m (3rd Place)

Ava Talabock - 3200m (2nd Place) Betsy Weber - 3200m (4th Place)


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