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Men and Women Finish 5th in FWCD Invitational

Both the men's and women's track teams finished 5th overall at the Fort Worth Country Day Invitational on Saturday, March 4.

Individual Notables:

MEN Antonio Hall - 400m (2nd Place) Joe Jackman - 400m (3rd Place)

Joe Jackman - 800m (1st Place)

Antonio Hall - Long Jump (1st Place)

Antonio Hall - Triple Jump (1st Place)


Samantha Davis - 100m (3rd Place)

Samantha Davis - 200m (4th Place)

Hampton Hohenberger - 400m (3rd Place) Keira Madl - 400m (4th Place)

Keria Madl - 800m (3rd Place)

Ava Talabock - 1600m (3rd Place)

Ava Talabock - 3200m (2nd Place) Betsy Weber - 3200m (4th Place)

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