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Future Viking Night brings together over 300 partner school students

Friday night's football game was more than just a game; it was a celebration of Viking spirit as Nolan Catholic hosted Future Viking Night, welcoming over 300 excited partner school students to the stands. However, the night ended with a tough loss for the home team, as the Vikings faced off against Dallas Christian Chargers, ultimately falling with a final score of 21-59.

Community Spirit Shines on Future Viking Night:

Future Viking Night is a fun-filled tradition where the future Vikings from partner schools are invited to experience the excitement of Viking football. The event aims to bring a excitement to the partner schools, introducing them to the blue and white spirit of the Nolan Catholic community.

Hundreds of middle school students, proudly wearing their respective school colors, filled the stands with enthusiasm. Our flag football team and tackle team led the Vikings out onto the field through the tunnel. Middle school cheer and dance programs put on amazing pregame performances, and future band members joined led the crowd with the award-winning marching band. The atmosphere was electric as they cheered for the Vikings, creating a sea of youthful energy. Their presence was a testament to the strong bonds between Nolan Catholic and its partner middle schools throughout the diocese.

Vikings Face Tough Loss to Dallas Christian:

On the field, the Vikings battled against a skilled Dallas Christian Chargers team. The game saw several standout moments for the Vikings, and impressive performances by Carter Devero and Robert Jones II. Devero finished the evening with 174 passing yards, 54 rushing yards, and 1 touchdown. Robert Jones was also effective in the offense with 131 all-purpose yards and 2 touchdowns.

Following the challenging matchup, the Vikings will use their upcoming bye week to regroup and focus on their upcoming game against The Legacy School of Sport Sciences on Saturday, October 7 at 2:00 p.m. That game will be played at Doskocil Stadium.


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