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New Weight Room Construction Completed

Fort Worth, TX - Student-athletes now have a state-of-the-art weight room on campus to grow in all areas. With help of school administration, diocese administration, and athletic donors, construction was completed on a 3,400 square foot weight room outfitted with cutting-edge Hammer Strength equipment. Student-athletes have been using the facility all summer long under the direction of head strength and conditioning coach KJ Williams.

Full of his famous energy and positive voice, Coach Williams is elated with the new addition to campus.

“Our athletic programs are built off toughness, hard work, dedication, and grit. By adding this new state-of-the-art facility, our athletes are going to take off and reach levels never before seen here on campus. Nolan Catholic will echo toughness in every form and fashion. I believe anything worth anything is achieved right past hard. When you get through the hard stuff, anything is possible!” - Coach Williams

The weight room facility features five full racks, five half racks, and fifteen total stations. Six flat screen monitors are placed strategically throughout the facility which lists the daily workouts for each team and athlete. Dumbbells, kettlebells, plyometric boxes, and weighted ropes are also available for use during student-athlete workouts.

“The amount of thought and intention that went into the design and plan of the space is astounding, “ Director of Athletics Jordan Hampton stated. “Every word has meaning, every space has a purpose, and every detail brings out the purpose of formation in our student-athletes. We have over 300 student-athletes on campus, and this will be one of our most influential facilities to grow their mind, body, and spirit as a student-athlete here at Nolan Catholic High School.”

In conjunction with Gatorade, the facility also includes a fully stocked nutrition center. Gatorade sports drinks, protein shakes and protein bars will be readily available for all student-athletes.

The facility will also be used during the school day for those students enrolled in physical education and health classes.



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